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Effective Microorganism or EM Soltuion is a liquid that promotes biodegradation, destruction of harmful microbes (both fungi and bacteria), and improves plant growth. As it enables biodegradation it is highly recommended for composting.



Preparation of Concentrated E M Solution: Dilute 1kg of Jaggery in 1L water and also dilute 1L EM Solution with 30L, finally mix both the solution and kept it in a plastic container tightly closed. Stir the solution

Dosage (Agriculture): Mix 2ml solution in 100ml water.

Compost                       : Mix 20ml Solution in 100ml water

Weedicide                      : Dilute 100ml in 1L water (Don’t mix with chemical fertilizer)

Pesticide                        : Dilute 2.5L in 50L water (Spray diluted solution for one acre)

Suitable for: Composting, Plant growth (for all crops)

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